Allocation of frequencies for BWA

BWA (Broadband Wireless Access Systems) are mostly used for fixed FWA, nomad NWA, and mobile MWA wireless access systems for access to end users (last mile connections). They can also be used for fixed wireless P-P systems or P-MP for linking the infrastructure of a BWA carrier, however only in rural areas, where, despite using a part of the radio spectrum for infrastructure connections, it is possible to ensure appropriate levels of quality of service to all interested users.
It is allowed to use the radio frequencies specified in the General Act on Radio Frequency Utilisation Plan which are allocated for fixed point-to-multipoint applications, BWA, or TRA-ECS (at frequencies above 2500 MHz).
Allocation of frequencies for BWA is implemented according to the Procedure for allocating public network radio frequencies.
Allocation of frequencies for BWA for private use is possible in BWA in the 3410 – 3431 MHz/3510 – 3531 MHz RF band. Decisions on the allocation of radio frequencies have been granted to 3 users for local coverage. Other as yet unoccupied geographic areas (map).


It is permitted to use radio frequencies which are specified for BFWA, RLAN, HIPERLAN use in the General Act on Radio Frequency Utilisation Plan. They can be used without a decision on the allocation of radio frequencies, if they are designated class 1 in accordance with the RTTE directive (Directive 1999/5/ES) or meet the conditions specified in the Rules on radio frequencies that may be used without a decision on the assignment of radio frequencies.

Description of abbreviations

BFWA – Broadband Fixed Wireless Access
RLAN – Radio Local Area Network
HIPERLAN – High Performance Radio LAN
Additional information can be found on the website of the European Communications Office (ECO), along with the ECC reports.
An overview of how to use fixed connections in Europe can be found here.

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