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Here you can find all the relevant national and European regulations governing the areas regulated by the Agency. Agency's Statue can be accessed here (only the Slovene version is available).

Legislation comprises acts and statutes. Slovenia is integrated into the European Union acquis, so its relevant legislation is based on EU directives, which were as a result transposed into Slovenian law.

The Agency performs its tasks based on acts and statutes, and in areas of electronic communications and radiofrequency spectrum management it also follows relevant European Commission recommendations and international legal acts implemented in the Republic of Slovenia.

Sources of law by adopting body

  • Acts, which are subordinate to the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and are above statutes, are passed by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Statutes are adopted by the Government (decrees), agencies (general legal acts, recommendations), and ministries (rules).
  • Directives, which are the EU’s secondary source of law and are not directly applied, are adopted by the European Parliament and Council, and their main purpose is the approximation of all member states’ laws. Directives are binding for member states regarding the required result, while countries can freely select the forms and means of acquiring the desired results within their national acquis.
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