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About AKOS

Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia is an independent body that regulates and supervises the electronic communications market, manages and supervises the radio frequency spectrum in the Republic of Slovenia, performs tasks in the field of radio and television broadcasting, and regulates and supervises the postal and railway service markets.

Agency’s Mission

The Agency’s mission is to promote competition, to ensure equal conditions for the operation of electronic communication network operators and service providers, as well as providers of postal and railway services, to manage the radio frequency spectrum and numbering space, to monitor radio and television programming content, and to protect consumer rights in the
Republic of Slovenia as well as the European Union. The Agency’s goals are to create conditions or providing services tailored to users’ needs, a regulated and common European market, equal rights for all European Union citizens, and to promote cultural, linguistic, and contentual diversity of radio and television programs and other audiovisual media services.

Agency’s Strategic Goals

  • providing the conditions for high-quality services at a reasonable price,
  • ensuring the availability of universal services to all residents of Slovenia at affordable prices, regardless of geographic location,
  • protecting the interests of service users, including protecting the confidentiality and privacy of electronic communications,
  • ensuring effective competition in the market,
  • ensuring and promoting efficiency and competition among service providers,
  • promoting the development and introduction of new services and technologies for a better quality of life and economic development, by creating conditions conducive to new investments,
  • ensuring and overseeing the efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum and numbering space,
  • promoting the development and improvement of radio and television programs and enabling the broadcasting of program contents and multimedia services through different platforms, so that they will be available to the largest possible number of people on any device that supports their reception,
  • ensuring the protection of public interests regarding program content and providing equal conditions for operations of radio and television program publishers and other audiovisual content providers by expertly supervising the implementation of the program requirements and restrictions that apply to radio and television programs and the obligations of other audiovisual content providers,
  • ensuring the operation of electronic communications and the use of the radio frequency spectrum to provide services during emergency situations and to protect the national interests of the country,
  • providing and overseeing fair and equal accessto the public railway infrastructure andrelated services,
  • ensuring the openness of its operations,
  • maintaining and continuously improving the management system that ensures that the Agency is performing its tasks successfully, efficiently, professionally, and in accordance with applicable laws.
Agency for communication networks and services of the Republic of Slovenia
Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: 01 583 63 00
F: 01 511 11 01

Office hours:
MON - FRI 9:00 - 11:00
WED - 13:00 - 14:00
Office hours by phone:
MON - FRI 9:00 - 14:00

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