Radio Frequency Spectrum Supervision

One of the basic tasks of the Agency is to supervise the Slovenian radio frequency (RF) spectrum. The development of new technologies, which has achieved rapid growth in the past few decades, has drastically increased the mass development and use of devices that use the radio frequency spectrum for transferring data. Without proper planning of the RF spectrum, the use of different technologies could not coexist, as the number of frequencies is limited. Yet planning alone is not enough if users do not adhere to rules and the assigned parameters.

The Agency’s Jurisdiction

Radio frequency spectrum supervisors (persons authorized by the Agency) conduct daily measurements and supervise whether the rules set in laws, the regulations and licenses are properly adhered to. In the procedures of RF spectrum supervision they examine whether the holders of radio frequency allocation decisions are adhering to the defined parameters. The spectrum measurements also provide support to those planning the use of the radio frequency spectrum.
RF spectrum supervision includes inspection and violation procedures. If an authorized person finds irregularities during a supervision procedure, they demand that the decision holder fix it, or if frequencies are used without a decision on allocating radio frequencies, they order that the use be stopped. The supervision procedures can be the basis for a violation procedure.

Measurement Centers and Supervision Systems

For the purpose of supervising the RF spectrum the Agency has a radio supervision measurement system (RSMS). It consists of devices that are logically placed in twenty locations across Slovenia. The Agency spent several years building the supervision measurement system and it completed construction in 2011. All the locations and the measurement vehicles are equipped for measuring various parameters and detecting the direction of the signal source.

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