Radio Networks

Linking Radio stations into networks

Broadcasters of radio programming without the status of a station of special importance can also link into regional or national networks.
A national network is a network covering over 50% of the population of the Republic of Slovenia.
Conditions for linking into a network:

  • each of the linked broadcasters in the territory for which the license was issued must broadcast at least two hours of in-house produced programming daily,
  • the total in-house production of the broadcasters linked into a network, which is broadcast in Slovenian and which excludes the programming from the previous point, amounts to at least 25% of the program content broadcast on the network daily,
  • each of the broadcasters linked into the network must acquire prior approval from the Agency if its program concept is going to change significantly after linking into a network,
  • broadcasters linked into a network prepare a joint programming concept and a written legal act on its implementation, and send both documents to the competent ministry for the purpose of registration in the mass media register,
  • linked broadcasters adopt a special act appointing the editor in chief of the joint programming, who is responsible for programming broadcast, and send the act to the competent ministry 15 days before the network begins operations.

A radio network does not have its own license, instead its characteristics are entered into the licenses of individual radio stations linked into the network. A network is not an independent station, so it cannot participate in public tenders for the allocation of radio frequencies, although the stations linked into the network may participate in these tenders.
Lining into networks is governed by Article 83 of the Mass Media Act.

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