Content supervision

The Agency conducts expert supervision of radio and television station broadcasters’ programming content based on the Mass Media Act and inspection supervision of audiovisual media service providers, i.e. linear (analog and digital television, online dissemination of television programming, quasi video on demand), and non-linear (video on demand) Act on Audiovisual Media Services.  
In case of violations to the provisions of the Audiovisual Media Services Act the Agency:

  • issues measures to correct the irregularities and shortcomings,
  • conducts a procedure in accordance with the Minor Offenses Act,
  • reports a criminal act or a criminal complaint for a criminal act,
  • proposes the measures to be adopted to the appropriate body.

In the scope of its competences the Agency supervises:

  • whether the conditions for obtaining the status of a local, regional, or student ratio or television station of special importance are being fulfilled,
  • protection of children and minors from inappropriate or potentially harmful content,
  • shares of in-house production and shares of audiovisual work from Slovenian and European producers,
  • adherence to limitations for broadcasting advertising content,
  • program requirements and limitations arising from licenses for conducting radio or television activities.

The Agency begins the procedure ex officio or based on a received report which you can submit here.
Here you will find everything about legal obligations, conducted supervision procedures, and other decisions issued by the Agency in the following areas:




protection of children and minors,


radio or television broadcasting licenses,


stations of special importance,


shares of programs,


reports on final shares of audiovisual works.

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