Advertising is an important field that the Agency supervises within the scope of expert (radio) and inspection supervision procedures (linear and non-linear audiovisual media services). Radio and television station broadcasters and on demand audiovisual media service providers must adhere to the Mass Media Act and the Act on Audiovisual Media Services.
Audiovisual commercial communicating means publishing images with or without sound, aimed at direct or indirect promotion or increasing the sale of goods, services, real estate, rights or obligations, acquisition of business partners, or creating a reputation or good name for a company or a person. Such images accompany the program content or are included in it in exchange for payment or other similar compensation with the goal of self-promotion.
There are four types of advertising:

  • television advertising,
  • telemarketing,
  • sponsorships,
  • product placement.

Regarding these also see the Methodology of expert supervision of radio and television stations and the General act on product placement and sponsorships.
Definitions and other provisions regulating radio advertising can be found in the Mass Media Act (the Agency’s competences are defined in Articles 93–99, also Articles 46–55).
The primary goal of the Agency is establishing supervision over the following provisions on:

  • identifying audiovisual commercial messages, i.e. advertisements, in radio programming,
  • protecting children and minors from commercial messages, especially with audiovisual commercial messages for food products included in the program content for children,
  • prohibiting the advertising of certain products,
  • setting the quotas and other limitations of television advertising and telemarketing or radio advertising,
  • requirements and limitations of sponsorships,
  • the proper use of the new type of audiovisual commercial communication in using product placement.

More information on this can be found by selecting the tabs Obligations of Television Channels, Obligations of on demand audiovisual media services, and about radio advertising under Obligations of radio stations.
If you have noticed any irregularities while watching media content, or you believe that a certain program failed to observe the valid legislation, you can report them here.

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