Radio Broadcasting Licenses

Every broadcaster must acquire a radio broadcasting license before it starts disseminating radio programming. The license is also a condition for participating in public tenders for allocating radio frequencies for broadcasting.

Procedure for acquiring radio broadcasting licenses

The Agency issues a license after receiving the broadcaster’s application and prior opinion from the Broadcasting Council.
The two conditions for acquiring a license are:

  • the broadcaster has radio broadcasting registered as its activity, and
  • a decision from the Ministry of Culture on being entered into the mass media register.

 The application for acquiring a license must include:

  • information on the radio program broadcaster (applicant’s name, and headquarters i.e. address, the name of the legal representative and any potential authorized person, company registration number),
  • the planned activity of the broadcaster (i.e. radio broadcasting),
  • the name of the radio station the broadcaster is going to broadcast,

The procedure for acquiring the license is regulated by Articles 105 and 106 of the Mass Media Act and the General Act on Broadcasting License.

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