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Universal service is the smallest set of services of a specified quality, available to all end users in Slovenia at an affordable price, irrespective of their geographical location (Paragraph 1 of Article 11 of ZEKom).

The smallest set of services included in universal service comprises:

  • connection to the public telephone network and access to publicly available telephone services on a fixed location, upon the user’s reasonable request, allowing the user to make and receive domestic local and international calls, and transmit facsimile and data communication at a transfer rate suitable for a functional internet connection;
  • provision of and access to a universal phone directory and to a service providing information about subscribers, in accordance with Article 12 of ZEKom;
  • provision of public pay telephones, from which it is possible to call emergency numbers free of charge and without requiring the use of any means of payment, so the reasonable needs of end users are fulfilled in terms of their geographical coverage, the number of public telephones, access for users with disabilities, and the quality of services;
  • provision of measures for disabled end users, which are determined by the government at the recommendation of the minister in charge of social affairs, and which allow end users with disabilities to access to and use publicly available telephone services, including access to emergency services, directories, and directory information services, just like other end users have.

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