Reporting Violations in Electronic Media

If you have observed any irregularities while consuming program content regulated by the Agency, or if you believe that content was not compliant with the valid regulations, you can file a report by providing concrete examples of said violations, which the Agency will examine and accordingly take adequate measures.
You can file a report through an

  • online form,
  • a form that you should send to the address Agencija za pošto in elektronske komunikacije RS, Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana.

Under the Media Act and the Audiovisual Media Services Act, the Agency supervises radio and television broadcasters and inspects providers of audiovisual media services. The Agency’s competencies lie in the following areas:

  • protecting children and minors (program content must comply with the legal requirements on the manner of presentation and appropriate broadcasting time),
  • broadcasting of Slovenian and European audiovisual works (broadcasters and providers must meet a prescribed quota for Slovenian and European audiovisual works),
  • advertising (must be appropriately marked and clearly distinguishable, and must not exceed the prescribed quotas),
  • the status of a station of special importance (special legal provisions apply to stations with such status),
  • program shares (the legislation prescribes a mandatory share of in-house production and Slovenian music),
  • licenses for radio and television broadcasting (acting in accordance with program requirements, based on the license).
Agency for communication networks and services of the Republic of Slovenia
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