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Yes. An operator is not obliged to provide broadband services to you, since these services are provided on the free market and under commercial conditions, and are not regulated by the Agency. The Agency does not have legal grounds for taking action when a user wishes to access a broadband connection, while the operator cannot or does not want to provide it.

Abuse is possible through webdialers, which automatically call international numbers or premium services (090) without users’ knowledge. You can prevent such abuse by:

  • disconnecting the cable connecting the modem and phone socket whenever you are not using internet access, or
  • ordering a restriction on outgoing international calls or premium services (090) with your operator.

Safe internet use starts with teaching children about internet use and inappropriate content. Protecting children from such content should comprise:

  • Monitoring your children’s online activities. They should show you the websites they visit and like.
  • Filtering software. The latest technologies unfortunately do not block all inappropriate and harmful content, however some software does provide a certain level of protection ( or You can also block certain domains (websites) in your operating system.
  • Set boundaries. Explain which websites they can visit and which not.
  • Supervise internet use. Place the computer in a spot where you can supervise internet use.
  • Educate your children. Teach them how to recognize and avoid inappropriate content, and encourage appropriate online conduct.

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