Television Market

Television has maintained an important role in providing media content, even though the use of the internet is on the rise and ever more users are watching video content online daily.
Today television is in most cases included in bundles provided by telecommunication operators, who offer bundles with a fixed range of television stations and provide advanced features for managing TV content with digital receivers. Such user experience is based on using linear (classical), non-linear (video-on-demand), and internet services on the same platform, i.e. on the platform where until recently viewers only expected traditional TV.
The largest, 52% market share is held by cable TV, which is followed by IP television with a 41% market share and satellite television with a 5% share, while TV connections via MMDS technology cover 1.6% of the market. Numerous households still receive a terrestrial TV signal via indoor or rooftop antennas.
Data on television broadcasting license holders are available in the radio and television program register.

Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting

Indoor or rooftop antennas remain an important means of receiving a television signal for many viewers. In December 2010, a big change occurred as the digital switchover was carried out in Slovenia. The Agency was involved in planning and preparing the switchover for several years. By disconnecting analogue transmitters, Slovenia switched to digital terrestrial broadcasting.
The following TV stations are currently broadcast via the digital terrestrial platform throughout the entire territory of the country:

  • i-TV,
  • Kanal A,
  • TV Pink 3,
  • POP TV,
  • TV SLO 1,
  • TV SLO 2,
  • TV SLO 3.

In certain areas, the following programs are also broadcast:

  • RTS (east),
  • Tele M (east),
  • TV Koper Capodistira (west),
  • TV Primorka (west),
  • Vaš kanal (center).

Television Programs of Special Importance

Currently seven local, three regional, and three non-profit stations with the status of a station of special importance are broadcasting in Slovenia. More information about the option of acquiring the status of a station of special importance and its advantages can be found under the stations of special importance tab.

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