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The Agency has envisaged a free spectrum for the testing of 5G technology:

1, in priority 5G bands until the date of entry into force of the decisions on the assignment of radio frequencies, awarded in the public Tender with auction:

  • in the band 3400-3800 MHz until 31 December 2020,
  • in the 700 MHz band until 30 June 2020,
  • in the 26 GHz band until the award is due, until 31 December 2019

2. in other 4G / 5G bands:


  • 1400 MHz-A, B, C (1427-1518 MHz) until the award (at least until 31 December 2019) - by ensuring the protection of fixed point-to-point services during a transitional period in accordance with NURF
  • 2300 MHz (2300 - 2400 MHz) until the award, scheduled for 31 December 2019 - by ensuring the protection of ENG / OB reporting systems during a transitional period in accordance with NURF

3. in the new WRC-19 bands:


  • 42 GHz (40.5 - 43.5 GHz): up to the award, presumably until 21.9.2021
  • Other: until the award, (at least until 31 December 2019)

4. in the UHF band (until the award, at least until 31 December 2023) -- by ensuring the protection of existing usage in accordance with NURF.

The decisions on the allocation of radio frequencies will be granted in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 53 of ZEKom-1 for radio frequencies intended for the needs of measurements, attestation and other tests of radio equipment, for a limited coverage area and for a maximum of 90 days for cases of testing new technologies and within the framework of the European Development Projects for a specified period of time, in accordance with the proposed (i) project (s), which may not be longer than three years. In order to have sufficient spectrum available for all potential users for European projects, it will geographically limit the testing and / or allow testing on the basis of the attached test timeline.





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