Universal Postal Service

It is in the public interest for the Republic of Slovenia to ensure that all postal service users within its entire territory are provided with permanent, regular, and uninterrupted universal service under the same conditions, and that this service may only be interrupted due to force majeure or in conditions that pose a threat to the deliverer.

The universal postal service comprises:

  • receiving, dispatching, transporting, and delivering mail items of up to 2 kg,
  • receiving, dispatching, transporting and delivering parcels of up to 10 kg,
  • services of registered and insured mail,
  • delivery of mail for blind and partially sighted people.

The Agency monitors the quality and manner of providing universal service and is responsible for adopting measures in case of irregularities in providing universal service. Any change in prices or general terms and conditions requires the Agency’s approval.

UPS Providers

The Agency appoints the universal service provider with a decree and imposes upon it the obligation of providing universal postal service if it concludes that this is necessary for the quality of providing universal postal service in an individual part of the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Agency issues a decree to the universal service provider based on an analysis of the situation or a public call for bids.

Pošta Slovenije has been appointed the universal service provider for the territory of the Republic of Slovenia for the period until 31 May 2013.

General Conditions for the Provision of UPS

Before implementing general terms and conditions, a universal service provider must acquire the Agency’s approval and publish the terms and conditions on its website and in its business premises.

General conditions can be found here.

Exemptions in Providing the UPS

In the General Act on Exemptions from the Provision of the Universal Postal Service, the Agency defines the exemptions based on circumstances and geographic conditions, as well as conditions for exemptions. When preparing the general act, the Agency follows the provisions of the Postal Services Act and the following elements.

When preparing the General Act on Exemptions from the Provision of the Universal Postal Service (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 22/2010), the Agency followed the provisions of the ZPSto-2 and considered the following elements:

  • the danger of creating social differences for users to whom exemptions in mail delivery apply,
  • a high number of households for which Pošta Slovenije delivers mail to detached mailboxes and which are thus subject to exemptions,
  • a high number of users dissatisfied with delivery through detached mailboxes,
  • economic consequences for the operations of Pošta Slovenije as well as users (natural persons and legal entities).

Based on the provisions of the general act, exemptions in providing universal service may be permanent or temporary, and the result of:

  • difficult access, or
  • concern for the deliverer’s health and safety.
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