Supervision and Disputes

In accordance with ZPSto-2, the Agency settles disputes in administrative procedures between parties in the postal market, if the disputes are related to rights and obligations determined by the act or by regulations and general acts based on it.

The provisions of ZPSto-2 are supervised by the Agency’s authorized persons.


In the field of postal services, the Agency settles disputes between users and postal service providers, and between postal service providers themselves, if the disputes are related to rights and obligations determined by the act or by regulations and general acts based on it. More details on the specifics of disputes between users and postal service providers are available here.
The Agency first tries to resolve the dispute through mediation. If any of the parties opposes the Agency’s mediation, or if mediation fails to produce a settlement or agreement between the parties, and if legal proceedings have not been initiated regarding the matter, the Agency continues the dispute settlement procedure at the initiative of any of the parties or ex officio and rules on the dispute by issuing a decision. The Agency issues its decision in the shortest time possible and no later than in four months.


The Agency’s authorized persons supervise the implementation of the provisions of ZPSto-2 regulating the provision and quality of universal postal service, access to postal network, universal postal service provider’s general terms and conditions and pricing, ban on cross-subsidizing and accounting of universal postal service providers, and implementation of all acts issued by the Agency within the scope of its competencies.

The Agency’s authorized persons have the following rights and obligations:

  • to impose measures for eliminating irregularities and deficiencies by a set deadline,
  • to act as a minor offense authority and propose that proceedings be initiated over minor offenses,
  • to issue a fine for minor offenses,
  • to propose that the authorized body adopt measures,
  • to temporarily ban further activities if they are not carried out in accordance with legislation.

Authorized persons independently supervise, conduct the administrative procedure, and issue decisions and resolutions in administrative procedures. Their work is governed by ZPSto-2, the Inspection act, and the Minor Offenses Act.

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