Network Statement

The Network Statement presents the main characteristics of the public railway infrastructure in the Republic of Slovenia, and determines the conditions and limitations of its use. The Network Statement determines in detail the rules, deadlines, criteria and procedures for allocating infrastructure capacities and charging the user fee for access to the public railway infrastructure.

The Network Statement also provides the information on additional and auxiliary services, necessary for providing railway transport services.

The Network Statement is divided into six main chapters:

  • general information,
  • conditions for accessing public railway infrastructure,
  • railway infrastructure,
  • the allocation of train paths,
  • services,
  • user fee.

The general framework of the Network Statement, which is as a rule the same in all EU member states, was adopted by the association of infrastructure operators Rail Net Europe with the headquarters in Vienna.

The validity of a Network Statement coincides with each timetable period, which starts on the second Saturday in December at midnight. The Network Statement for each timetable period is published 12 months before it comes into force. The operator must publish final wording of the Network Statement at least four months before it comes into force, and it must also make sure that the Network Statement is available to all interested parties in an appropriate form (on its website or as a hard copy). The Network Statement may be amended and supplemented after it comes into force, in which case the infrastructure operator must communicate this to all the carriers and applicants who were allocated train paths at least 15 days before the changes come into force.

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