Operator Status and Numbering Space

How to acquire operator status?

A legal entity that wishes to become an operator should fill out the form for notification on providing public communication networks or on providing public communication services. On the form it should give a short description of the public communication networks and the manner of providing the services, as well as provide a rough plan of the network, network elements, and links. The form must be signed by the company’s legal representative or a person authorized by them. If the form is signed by an authorized person, an original of the legal representative’s authorization must be attached.

Foreign operators, who wish to acquire the status of an operator, have two options:

  • establishing a company subsidiary with headquarters in Slovenia,
  • visiting the Slovenian tax administration in the area where they plan to provide services, and filling out the DR-04 form for being entered in the Slovenian tax register, after which they will be given a Slovenian tax number. More information is available on the websites of the Ministry of Finance and Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

The Agency shall enter the operator into the official register and send a notice confirming that it has been entered into the official register within seven days of receiving a complete notification with all required data and statements. If the received notification is not complete, the Agency shall call on the applicant to supplement it appropriately.

How to acquire numbering elements (numbers)?

Numbering elements are allocated with a decision based on the general administrative procedure. The application in accordance with the provisions of the General Act on the content and format of the application for issuing a decision on the assignment of numbering elements on a prescribed form. The application form for issuing a decision on the allocation of numbering elements or return of unused numbering elements may be filed by an operator providing the service, for which it requires a numbering element, while other natural persons or legal entities may only file the application if they prove that they require numbering elements for performing an activity that is in the public interest.

The application for the allocation of numbering elements must comprise:

  • the name, address, and tax ID number, if the applicant is a natural person,
  • the company name, headquarters, the VAT identification number and company registration number, the name of the legal representative,
  • evidence that the applicant has the right to be allocated numbering elements,
  • data on the type and quantity of numbering elements it wishes to acquire, and their intended use,
  • a project with a plan and an assessment of needs for the following three years, if the applicant requires a larger block of numbering elements,
  • an original copy of the legal representative’s authorization, if the application was not signed by the legal representative.

The Agency shall issue a decision on allocating numbering elements within 21 days of receiving a complete application. If the applicant requires a rare numbering element, the Agency must issue a public call to the interested public. If demand exceeds the available numbering elements, the Agency must continue the procedure by holding a public tender.

Managing the Numbering Space

The Agency adopts the numbering plan with a general act that determines the type, length, and structure of the numbering elements, their intended use, and manner of use, including numbers for emergency calls and numbers whose use is harmonized based on EU regulations.  It must also support number portability and the introduction of new electronic communication services.

As part of managing the numbering space, the Agency publishes the data on allocated numbers and blocks of numbers:

  • information on the holder of the allocated number or code,
  • data on the decision (number of the decision, date when it was issued, type of the decision),
  • allocated numbers or codes,
  • type of allocated numbers or codes,
  • value of allocated numbers or codes.

This data can be accessed in the Numbering space register.

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